• Welcome to is a professional car detailing centre, dedicated to Automobile Beautification and Preservation. We use the best car care products, machines/equipments manufactured by the world's leading companies. These products, machines/equipments are approved by eight of the topmost automobile manufacturers of the world.

  • Service Offers

    • Exterior Steam Wash
    • Ozone Treatment
    • Paint Protection With Polymer Nano Technology
    • Under Body Polymer Coatings Treatments
    • Anti Rust Treatment / Protection
    • Head Light Restoration
    • Nano Glass Coating

  • Unique Aspects of
    EcoSparkle Strategy

    • Constant and continuous increasing in our services;
    • Adoption and effective implementation of quality system and procedure;
    • Meeting the requirement of the customers relating quality and timely delivery of service.
    • Development of skills and competence of the personnel in all functions and providing feasible support to our business partners.

  • Vision & Mission

    We detail each car with love and care, so that you enjoy driving it as much as we enjoy detailing it.

    To be number one brand in car detailing in terms of product quality and service standards.

Current Conditions is designed to be a complete car care facility. The operation is comprised of two complementary systems: a full-service system for those customers who wish to allow our service team to clean their car and a self-service facility for those who wish to take a more active role in their car's maintenance. Both systems will be outfitted with the most technologically advanced equipment available, thereby providing our customers with the best service possible. unique operational concept of combining a full-service tunnel operation with a self-service operation provides our customers with service flexibility unmatched by any other car wash facility within a twenty mile radius. Additionally, within our market area, which is determined by the industry to be a 3.5 mile radius from our site location, we have absolutely no competition.

Unique Aspects of our Strategy plan to market our car wash utilizing four primary mediums: Discount coupon mailings to selected area, radio and cable television spots, and cross promotions with local area merchants which will allow us to tap into their firmly established customer bases. Additionally, we will approach apartment and condominium management offices, asking them to include promotional coupons in their monthly newsletters.


To develop a highly successful, profitable car wash business which provides our community with a much needed service.

Long-Range Goal.

To clear of accrued debt and develop it into a INR 1,000,000 per 1st year operation that is respected as a hallmark of successful customer service.